Planning Your Wedding? Know Someone Planning a Wedding? Check Out These Truly Unique Wedding Neckwear

Are you engaged to be married? Do you know an engaged couple whose wedding date is in the next year? Read on, and please share this post with your friends who are getting married.

Your wedding day is often referred to as Your Day, but only if 'you' are the bride. The dress, the flowers, the bridesmaids, often the decor and even the groom are all about making the bride stand out and shine. Sometimes it even seems that the groom is simply an accessory for the bride. I have my own feminist theories about this phenomenon, but I won't go into those here! Wouldn't it be nice if, in the whole scheme of weddings, there was a way to do something special and specific for the groom (and other men of the wedding party) that would be memorable, even worthy of heirloom status? There is! CoordinateCoordinate neckwear and suspenders, custom designed featuring map locations that are special to the bride and groom, places that commemorate important milestones. Just to give you some ideas, below are some examples of CoordinateCoordinates that were used for weddings.

This series of neckties was created for a sailing couple's wedding from a single nautical chart of Boothbay Harbor, Maine, where the couple loved to be on the water and where they had their wedding and reception. These ties were designed so that when the groomsmen line up from left to right, they recreate the chart from West to East!
Boothbay Harbor Nautical Chart in neckties

And the groom's bow tie, below, features the couple's favorite spot in the harbor, Spruce Point. The coordinates of Spruce Point appear in the band section of the bow tie. The coordinates aren't seen when the tie is worn, but the bride and groom both know that they are there every time he wears that tie, even after their wedding day. The bride likely won't be wearing her wedding gown again, but the men can wear this neckwear again and again and again, and each time, they will remember the story the ties tell.
Spruce Point Bow Tie with coordinates for
Spruce point hidden in the band section.

A Southern bride gifted her father with this bow tie on the morning of her wedding. The map on the face of the bow tie features their hometown of Rosedale, Mississippi where she grew up. Again, the message is a secret that the father can choose to share or keep to himself. It is hidden under his collar, in the band section of the bow tie.
Heirloom bow tie gifted to the father of the
bride on the morning of his daughter's wedding.

The ties below were designed using a nautical chart of Casco Bay, the home of Portland, Maine. There are several really cool things about the design of this necktie: it incorporates the same green as the the bridesmaid's dresses, something that was important to the bride when designing the tie. This couple's wedding was in Cape Elizabeth, which is along the lowest part on the tie, where the tie point is forming, and the reception that followed was on Peaks Island, one of the islands in Casco Bay that has ferry service from Portland. Both locations are featured on the neckties which were worn by the groom and his groomsmen. You can see more pictures of the ties in action in a sample of their beautiful wedding album at SuzanneSimmonsPhotography.
11 neckties from nautical chart of Casco Bay

Below is a better view of the Cape Elizabeth/Peaks Island tie.

A cute ring bearer wearing a bow tie from a topographical map.
A ring bearer getting ready to do his job.

For more than 25 years Lisa Eaton has been designing and making men's bow ties, suspenders and neckties from silk and cotton. She is the owner of the Maine based company


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