•New Feature #1-Have you ever wanted to order JUST a pocket square from For more than a year they have been available as add ons with many of the items I make, but not as a separate, stand alone listing. That has changed. Now you can place an order for just a 10", two sided pocket square! Every now and then it's nice to add a little color to your wardrobe without donning a tie or suspenders. Great big THANK YOU! to Lou from Chicago for suggesting I add this option to the site.

•New feature #2-REVIEWS! I've added them to the site. I'm still getting used to the app, but here's how it works: about a week after I ship your order to you, you will receive an email asking if you'd like to review your purchase. I have already received reviews directly on, like this one:

Of course, if you're NOT happy with my work, I hope that you will reach out to me first and allow me to correct my error. But if you are happy with my work, I would be grateful if you would leave me a review. I take customer feedback very seriously (see Lou above) and have always been striving for those 5 stars, even before I had a review tool on

If you placed an order in the past, before I had the review tool, and would like to leave a review for that purchase, please let me know. I will send you a review request for that past order. Just send me an email and I will set you up with a review request.

One last item that has nothing at all to do with neckwear or suspenders, but it's a chronic problem I have had for years. I finally solved it without the use of Google or any site on the internet, just a new idea I had. I want to share the love:

I love gingerbread cookies and sugar cookies. I also love cookie cutters. In my lifetime, I think I've probably had well over 100 cookie cutters, and still have at least 30. I have always found the problem with cookie cutters is that they rust between uses. I would cut cookies with them, wash them and let them dry in the dish drain, and then put them away to use another time, sometimes more than a year or more later. The problem I noticed is that when I took them out to use again, they were, more often than not, RUSTED. Yuck!
The good news? I have finally found a solution to keep them from rusting. While the last batch of cookies is in the oven, I wash all of the cookie cutters I used that day and put them onto a cookie sheet. Then I stick that cookie sheet into the oven with the remaining baking cookies, and leave the sheet with the clean cutters in the oven until the oven is turned off and cool. THEN I put them away. Ta daaa! No more rusty cookie cutters!

Happy End of October from Lisa at

For more than 25 years Lisa Eaton has been designing and making men's bow ties, suspenders and neckties from silk and cotton. She is the owner of the Maine based company